Landing Page Optimization

When you’re paying for each click to your website with Paid Search or Paid Social Media Ads, your business needs those clicks to be meaningful. Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is a way to test and optimize the pages your ads are sending users to, to ensure a seamless user experience and set you up for success with a holistic strategy.


For LPO, individual website pages are analyzed as a whole and as individual elements to determine which pieces are performing the best to drive the user engagement your business needs. This analysis informs tests that further refine your landing pages to reach and maintain optimal performance.


One thing I have learned is that no two businesses are the same. That is why each landing page test and strategy is specific to each business I work with. I am able to analyze existing pages and work with your website development team to strategize and implement LPO tests. I am also able to use external tools to create completely custom landing pages tailored to the specific audiences your ads are targeting – creating a seamless and holistic environment for your customers from their first search to your site.

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