Analytics dictate almost every move I make as a marketer. Digital removes the ambiguity and guesswork of traditional marketing: everything is attributable and can be measured, tracked, and analyzed to provide insights that allow me to build data-driven strategies.

Why does data matter?

In a digital world, data is essential. When collected, analyzed, and communicated properly it can tell a powerful story. To put it simply, data matters because it shows what is working and what is not working for your business, insights that you can use to inform future strategy. I am able to use the story that your data tells to help earn you more customers, increase marketing efficiency, better understand your customers and their behavior/needs, and much more. With the passion I have to understand data, the insights can be endless.


With the collection of business and marketing data comes the need for transparency. I will communicate all data and insights with your team, clearly and effectively, in your business language. My goal is for any engagement to be a true partnership, meaning I take the time to explain your data and the rationale behind the strategies it drives, so that we can operate on the same page as a team.


Effective analytics begins with an audit of your current tracking capabilities to ensure proper set up and to review historical data to identify trends that will help develop strategy moving forward. When set up is finished, I will be able to track interactions with your ads and website to gather data on how your customers interact with your business online to further refine strategy. All of this will be communicated with you in fully customized, easily digestible dashboards and reports so that you are kept informed.

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