Paid Search Ads

Paid Search ads are ad types that are paid for on search engine pages (like Google and Bing) to meet your customers when they are actively searching for your business or for services/products that your business provides. Adaptive Digital offers support for all types of paid ads including text ads, shopping ads, and display ads, as well as testing new ad formats as they become available.

Paid Search ads can be a very cost effective solution, they operate on a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad.


An effective paid search strategy is one that is built specifically for your business, with your needs, goals, and requirements at the forefront. Deep research on your business, your competitors, and the competitive landscape you will be entering is conducted before any strategy is developed or implemented to ensure the best possible approach. Your accounts structure, strategy, and management will be completely custom based on the initial research findings. With this custom approach, all strategies are scalable to accommodate any goals and budget.

Adaptive Digital is known for becoming a part of your team, developing and managing strategy as if your business is my own.

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